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The likelihood is that the combined impact of slower house price growth and slower growth in earnings is likely to lead to slower growth in consumption than was the case over the past few years. While Beyond Waste believes that the information an d opinions given in this work are sound, all partie s must rely upon their own skill and judgement when m aking use of it. Therefore Beyond Waste d oes not make any claims or warranty, expressed or impli ed, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this report and assumes no liability for it.

The South East England Regional Development Agency (SEEDA) commissioned Beyond Waste to undertake a scoping review of recyc ling and reprocessing capacity and associated infrastructure within the r egion. The outputs of the Vision event were used to identi fy potential interventions within each material sector profile. These outputs were then input into a sub group of t he SEEDA Waste Market Development Group.

The group met on two occ asions to develop the Matrix presented as Figure 4 of this Report. St Regis announced the closure of the Taplow card mill and sold the 45 acre site to make way for housing. In parti cular whether the material that currently flows to the mill will end up in Kemsley, going out of region to other plants or being exported.

This was a ttributed to the high price of natural gas and the lack of customer commitment to contracts to finance the rebuild of the furnace. On the off chance that there ought to be an event of a survey by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), a valuation of all things in a property, and also sufficient photographic records is required.

Th e lack of long term contracts was due to intensity of competition in th e specialist glass container market. WRAP initiated an investigation into exports follo wing on from an investigation by the Advisory Committee on Packaging. The Environment Agency also undertook an investigation into exports of mixed plastics for potential breaches of the Transf rontier of Shipment Waste Regulations due to contamination levels.