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That stuff’s almost a year and a half old,” Decatur Morgan County Chamber of Commerce President John Seymour said Wednesday. Now we should get a little bump up because we added those jobs back. Nucor now has 251 employees. Mi-Tech Steel Inc., a steel company that shut down shortly before Trico closed and reopened when Nucor started, has 20 employees.

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Seymour speculated that Decatur’s 4 percent average wage increase in 2001 likely was due to a major industrial expansion, such as Boeing’s Delta rocket plant, which now has about 600 employees. Bureau of  Labor Statistics Economist Victoria Dinkins said the average annual wage is determined by dividing the number of employed workers into the total payroll. The loss of so many steel industry jobs paying $50,000 to $60,000 in a relatively small labor market could drag down the average wage for the rest of the labor market, she agreed.

Decatur lost 1,100 nonagricultural jobs in 2002, including 400 in the manufacturing sector. Since October 2001, three new companies employing 447 people landed in Decatur, 28 companies expanded and added 323 jobs. The new jobs have included relatively well-paying chemical industry jobs, as well as low-paying chicken processing plant jobs. Dinkins noted that the addition of low-paying jobs, however welcome they may be in the local economy, would drag down the average annual wage statistics for that city or county. The Labor Department study found that average annual wages rose in all 12 southeastern states in 2002.

We can utilize it benefits when looking at loans for people. So we keep it that. If you need an advice, I always would recommend an accountant. Other things that Adelaide Property Valuers banks do differently if you happen to be a commissioner or you do a lot of overtime, or you get a lot of bonuses, you might have a second job which is part time – every lender just about treats every one of those situations differently. Some will only accept % of the income from the second job, some will accept %, some want to use evidence of your bonuses or your commission