Does Conveyancing Ever Fails?

When a player with the ball is ‘tackled’ by someone removing one of his flags play must then stop. The other rules are identical to those for the full game, and the flag version is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Chris plays mainly in the team’s defensive unit, either as a linebacker or as a centre.

Conveyancing being a legal matter is not always necessary to be successful and reach the end. There are many issues that arise during the process of conveyancing and all these are taken care of by the conveyancer. The conveyancer always guides the client for a better and smooth conveyancing. It is client’s foremost duty to tell all the necessary information about the property and the clients’ background. Conveyancing also fails because of the reasons like: incomplete documentation, property’s prevailing legal issues, withdrawal of contract of sale, sudden price rise of the property etc. Hence all these matters should be carefully handled. All persons involved in the recruitment and selection of staff will receive the relevant training and guidance including the importance of equality of opportunity and the avoidance of discrimination.

He is now making the step up to the Under 17s level, having helped the Eastbourne Eagles claim the title of British champions at Under 15’s level. He took up the sport around 18 months ago, after watching a group of older boys play it at school. There was a call for a younger team to be set up and Chris was one of the students who came forward to take part. Chris and the rest of the Eastbourne Eagles side were recently presented with an AMEC Masters Skills Sporting Academy Awards from Darlington Borough Council and Orange.

He lives with his parents in a TVHG property in Thames Way, Darlington. TVHG is the largest regional housing group in the North East, housing over 12,000 residents in 4,000 homes across the region. It also provides a wide range of regeneration and consultancy services for local authorities, government agencies and regeneration companies throughout the country. Chris Hughes said: “I was delighted to be called up to play for the Great Britain side, and there was no way I was going to let a twisted thumb stop me playing after travelling all the way to the South of France.

It was very hot in Marseille, certainly a lot warmer than the Eastbourne Sports Complex where I normally play, but the whole tournament was great fun.” Lee Elkin, Housing Officer with Tees Valley Housing Group, said: “Chris’s achievements are an inspiration to the thousands of other youngsters across the Tees Valley area. Representing your country at any sport is a terrific honour, and he should be proud of it. We’re going to keep in touch to see how well he does in the future.

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