How House Valuation Process is Executed by Valuers

The fenced area near the Wai-to River is the site of an 18-month national trial to investigate how pesticides leach into groundwater. It is one of five similar trial sites around the country. Results would help farmers select which chemicals to apply to different soil types.

Keen house buyers are pushing house prices tens of thousands of dollars higher in the Nelson region as they outbid each other to secure a place to live. The latest sales figures released by the Real Estate Institute show a $33,500 jump in the median sale price in Nelson city between October last year and this year by property valuers in Sydney Last month’s median was $186,000, which was not far below the national median of $188,000. In Richmond, the median raised $17,800 and is now nearing $200,000.

Institute Nelson district president Perry Hoby said while median sale prices tended to fluctuate from month to month, there had certainly been a general upwards trend by and Richmond over the last year or so.

That was a reflection of the strong demand for properties in sydney by valuers, fuelled by people moving here from other parts of the country and overseas, and a shortage of houses available for sale, he said.

The market was moving so fast revaluations were struggling to keep up, he said. The continuing strength of property valuers in sydney Tasman’s growth has been confirmed by Statistics New Zealand population estimates, which says that the district is now equal to Nelson city in population – both have 43,500 residents.

Mr. Bennison said although lifestyle and residential prices were driving the market, increases were broad-based and included areas like Tapawera, the Motueka Valley, and coastal Golden Bay. Nelson growers may have lost up to 10 percent of their estimated apple crop of 6 million cartons in a wide-spread hail strike on Tuesday night. Sydney Property Valuers were understood to be visiting orchards in the Central Rd, Lower Moutere, Redwood Valley, Tasman and Mariri areas from today after the hail strike shortly before midnight on Tuesday. Mariri grower Richard Easton said that while it was still early in the assessment process, he had heard that the region may have lost about 500,000 cartons to the hail.