Is any kind of terms and conditions are prescribed in the contract which is signed by clients for accomplishment of Valuation ?

If you want more information or to see the properties submit a request for more information on our contact page. $118-130/month depending on unit size Owner Occupancy: 11/30 roughly 37% HOA Responsibilities: trash, grounds keeping, limited insurance, gated entry, on-premises playground It is important to note that an owner-occupancy percentage the ratio of homes occupied by renters vs. owners less than 51% allows only cash and conventional buyers to purchase the property due to bank lending rules.

These lending rules also dictate that we place a minimum 20% down payment of the purchase price. Consider that after the units under mortgage duress are sold to new owners, the owner occupancy rate can potentially extend above 50%; this will cause properties to appreciate by accommodating all types of loans. Owner occupancy is determined by dividing the number of total units by the number of units occupied by owners. Considering that real estate is a SLOW GROWTH investment a P/E ratio in the 20’s is a sound investment.

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Also consider that lending is tight, cash reserves are low, and unemployment is high. All of these factors contribute to a depressed economy that provides an opportune time to invest. An investment in this property will take 4.5 years to pay back your principle cash investment. Kerrville is located 50 miles west of San Antonio on Interstate 10. It is centrally located in the beautiful and highly sought after the Texas Hill Country. Though Texas Homestead Real Estate is located in Kerrville the firm has sold property in many central and south Texas counties.

In Texas, a real estate buyer has private representation that looks after the best interest of that buyer and Texas Homestead has some of the best representation in the area due to the open relations it has with many other firms. If you find a property you want to see and it is for sale by another company, Texas Homestead Real Estate is the company you should choose to represent you. If you have not found the property of your dreams then chances are that Texas Homestead Real Estate knows exactly where it is.